Industrial Coatings and Epoxies.

Industrial Coatings and Epoxies

Heat Resistant

o Withstands temperature up to 650°C.
o Excellent for use on chimneys, furnace doors, heat exchangers, engine headers, boilers, metal fireplaces etc.
o Does not break down on prolonged exposure to heat.
o Dries to a brilliant glossy, silver finish.

Chlorinated Rubber Finish

o Serves as a protective finish where protection against chemical spillage is required.
o Excellent resistance to top mould growth.
o Recommended for fertilizer and chemical plants, laboratories, marine and coastal installations, nuclear plants, hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, paper and sugar mills, electroplating plants, breweries.

Epoxy Red Oxide Zinc Chromate Primer

o Used on machinery and equipment under severe conditions,
o Resists oil, greases, solvents and a variety of other chemicals.
o Recommended for oil refineries, fertilizers plants, nuclear plants, laboratories, hospitals etc.

Roadline Marking Paint

o A special road line marking paint, an excellent product for both cured bituminous and concrete surfaces,
o Strong bonding properties and high abrasion resistance,
o Particularly well suited for markings on highways, city roads, parking lots, and factory floors.

High Build Solvent Free Epoxy

o High performance chemical resistant epoxy coating, designed to protect metal and concrete substrates subjected to harsh chemical attack, erosion and abrasion.
o An ideal coating for outer and inner surfaces of different types of industrial equipments and machinery.
o Superior chemical resistance to various chemicals like 98% sulfuric acid, 37% Hydrochloric acid, 50% caustic etc.
o Enhances the maintenance interval and reduces the maintenance cost.

General Purpose Epxoy

o Corrosion and abrasion resistant coating.
o Used for protection of steel and concrete surfaces exposed to severe corrosion, erosion and abrasion.
o Particularly well suited for internal coating of pipelines and tanks used for handling petroleum products, fresh and sea water and other numerous services.

Self Leveling Floor Epoxy

o It is a component epoxy trowel mortar system, applied at thicknesses between 3mm-6mm (1/8in-1/4in), and designed to protect new or deteriorated floors,
o It provides excellent resistance against compression, abrasion, impacts and chemicals,
o This seamless coating offers an unlimited choice of color, and a smooth or non-slip finish.

Waterbrone Epoxy

o Waterborne systems are low-odor and offer systems free of volatile organic compounds (VOC).
o The application of coatings in confined spaces limits the use of solvents and other volatiles, due to odor and regulatory constraints.
o This is equally important for sensitive application areas such as schools, offices or hospitals, which can stay occupied during painting.

Coal Tar Epoxy

o High performance corrosion and abrasion resistant impermeable coating.
o Used for protection of concrete and steel surfaces exposed to salts, waste
and non-potable water, sewage, dilute acids and alkalis etc. o Used for bridges, dams, sumps, harbors and for numerous services.
o Extensively used for marine environment, waste water, fertilizer, power plants and other chemical processing industries etc.

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