Decorative Paints

Decorative Paints

Synthetic enamel

A highly quality gloss air drying paint with excellent durability and gloss retention. it provides a tough smooth film which is washable and highly resistant to mechanical work. Used for Decoration and protection of all steel and wood surfaces under interior and exterior condition. it can also be used on dry concrete and masonry.

Special Plastic Emulsion

Top quality, water borne emulsion paint which dries to a fresh smelling smooth finish. It provides pleasant uniformity of color and due to low reflectance, it hides surface imperfections. Suitable for all interior and exterior masonry/concrete and brick surfaces, can also be applied on wall board and wood surfaces.

Vinyl emulsion

Economical water borne emulsion paint having excellent coverage and smooth matt finish. Suitable for all interior masonry, concrete, plaster and brick surfaces, particularly recommended for ceilings.

Weather emulsion

A water thinnable emulsion, pigmented with light fast, alkali resistant non-lead pigments along with mould control additives. Suitable for protection and decoration of all usual exterior masonry surfaces such as bricks, concrete, cement rendering, pebble dash and similar surfaces, unpainted or pre-painted. It is particularly suitable where alkali resistance and exterior durability are the prime requirements

Red oxide primer

A fast drying anticorrosive primer for steel surfaces which gives uniform coverage and protects steel due to passivating action of pigments and protective properties of binder. It can be used on all interior and exterior steel surfaces exposed to atmospheric pollutants and climatic conditions.

Under coat sealer

It is high performance interior/exterior all purpose primer, sealer and undercoat with outstanding hiding, filling and sanding properties. It adheres exceptionally well to most substrates and may be over coated with either acrylic or oil based systems. It can be used on a wide range of interior and exterior surfaces with easy application and greater finish for subsequent topcoats.

Under coat sealer

Wall putty

An acrylic water based putty for filling cracks, holes on masonry surfaces and patching up surface imperfections on plastered walls. It is specially formulated for leaving of minor surface irregularities. Recommended for internal application only.

Matt finish

High- quality paint specially formulated and designed to give a smooth matt finish. it is tough enough to stand up heavy duty wear and tear, better stain resistant properties and good wash ability. it is particularly suitable for areas requiring continuous maintenance. It can be applied on walls, ceilings ,old and new cement plasters, woodwork, metal, chip-board and hardboard. It is specially recommended for kitchens, bathrooms, corridors, staircases, wall etc

Matt finish

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