Aluminium Pastes

Aluminium Pastes

Aluminum Pastes

• Aluminum paste and its products were introduced in Pakistan for the first time by metal paint products (Pvt) ltd.
• Both the production, inspection and testing facilities of MPPL are ISO 9001:2000 certified that shows our commitment towards quality and customer satisfaction.

Paste products and their applications:

  • DECOLITE (Leafing Type Aluminum Paste)
  • PROTOLITE (Non-leafing Type Aluminum Paste)
  • HYDRALITE (Water dispersion Type Aluminum Paste)

Summer Cool Coating (Thermolite)

• Ideal for roofs, water storage tanks, pipes and side walls to reflect heat.
• Lowers surface temperature by 7-8°C.
• Reduces cooling loads significantly.
• Resists seepage effectively.

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