. Prefabricated Steel Structures
. uPvc Windows and Doors
. Expanded Polystyrene(EPS)
. Decorative Paint and Industrial Coatings
. Aluminum Pastes Products
. Purl Premium
. Kolomite (Modern Earthing Material)

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Metal Paint Products (Pvt) Ltd. was established in year 2000. The aim of the MPPL is to design, manufacture and sell high quality products on national level and strive for international market.
MPPL has unique capability to provide products by offering versatility in manufacture, dedication and commitment in service.
Metal Paint Products (Pvt) has established a strict and perfect quality management system certified ISO-9001: 2008 to ensure that materials, production, testing, warehouse entry, delivery and installation of finished products are under strict watch; therefore, no unqualified product is allowed to enter into the market. It is due to this strict quality control system and the guarantee of quality that MPPL products win the recognition of more and more customers. As a matter of fact, MPPL is quickly becoming the representative of high-quality Products.
MPPL aims at exceeding the customer's expectation and satisfying them with quality products and services such as the performance, quality, competitive price and prompt delivery. MPPL achieves quality goals through continuous preventive model improvements made by all the personnel and thus wins the customer trust.








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