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Prefabricated Steel Structures
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MPPL specializes in manufacturing all kind of Prefabricated Steel Structures and Buildings. Prefabricated Building is a combination of Pre-Engineered Color Steel Polystyrence Sandwich Panels and Steel Framework. It can be widely used as living room, office, meeting room, recreational room, workshop, parking lot, storage etc. The standard production can be assembled and disassembled for many times.

EPS sandwich Panel is composed of Upper and Lower Color Steel sheets embedded with Polystyrene (EPS) molding machine and formed through cohesion of high strength adhesive.

  1. Thickness of Sandwich Panel Varies between 50mm and 200 mm.
  2. Sandwich Material (EPS) density is 15kg/m3.
  3. Upper and Lower Colored Sheet Thickness is 0.4~ 0.5mm.
Steel structure is composed of Central and Corner columns, Trusses, Purlins, Winds Ties, End Ties and Foundation Channels.