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Kolomite(Modern Earthing Material)

  • Kolomite is a ground enhancement material having resistivity of less than 0.25 Ω-m about 10% of the resistivity of bentonite and has been developed specially to make earthing system cheap and effective according to IEEE Std 80-2000 section 14.5 para requirements given on page 68 of standard. (section 14.5 deals with soil treatment to lower resistivity and gives various options available to achieve it.)

    Unique features and specifications

    • Physical Appearance powder form
    • 200- 250 mesh
    • Lower Resistivity, High conductivity
    • Permanent and Maintenance free
    • Maintains Earth Resistance with time
    • Sets firmly, does not dissolve or React.
    • Does not pollute the earth and water table
    • Suitable for installation in slurry form
    • Does not depend on presence of water
    • Performs in all soil and weather conditions
    • No reaction with electrode (sulphur free)